What are some skin conditions?


 There are lots of unpleasant skin conditions ranging from eczema, skin rash, contact dermatitis, hives, acne pimples, and many others. These skin conditions can be so sickening and uncomfortable at sight. Although some of them are as a result of an allergy to certain things, some can be as a result of illness for example chickenpox and measles or even hereditary.


Some of the symptoms of Unpleasant skin conditions

These symptoms vary from one to the other, but below are the likely general symptoms.


  • Red itchy bump.
  • Hypersensitivity of the skin.
  • scaly uneven skin.
  • cracked patches.
  • Tiny fluid-filled blisters.
  • skin inflammation and discoloration.
  • unfavorable reactions to medications. 
  • Sickness like measles.
  • Infections.
  • Reaction to skincare like body wash, cream or detergent.
  • Allergic reaction to either food or environment.
  • Weather conditions like the harshness of the sun or cold.
  • A family history of the condition and allergy.
Managing the conditions
  • Abstain from scratching or touching as this can make way for more disturbance and can prompt contamination
  • Be observant of what you eat to avoid an allergy reaction
  • Exfoliate your skin once in a while
  • Avoid much exposure to sunlight especially in the case of hives and skin rash
  • Take note of some cosmetics product like perfume, deodorant, creams that may not be favorable to your skin
  • Visit showers often as this may help facilitate ease your inconvenience
  • Get a relieving moisturizer from an over-the-counter store near you 
  • Practice personal hygiene always


NOTE: In cases where the skin’s unpleasant conditions are persistence and way too uncomfortable to manage, it is advised to visit a skincare doctor( dermatologist) for proper skin care maintenance. 




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