Fun facts about Alcohol and other Things it can be used for


Most often when we talk about Alcohol, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a substance to be “consumed”. Well, it is not just for the drinking, Alcohol sure has other uses especially because of its purifying properties which makes it useful for the body and around the house. Let’s discuss some of the other ways to put alcohol into use other than drinking.





Applying alcohol has ground-breaking relieving and mitigating properties that soothe infected skin, cleanse the face from pimples, acne, eczema and reduce the extra and continuous appearance of any manner of skin break out. This is no alcohol is available in most body creams and balms produced for most skin type issues.





If you are having any inconveniency dealing with the removal of beg-bugs in your home, do not worry. These little bed-bugs can be carried into the house from anywhere and hard to get rid of. All you need is a spray bottle with alcohol in it. By repeated spraying of alcohol in those parts of your house where they hide like on the bed, pillowcase and chairs, be sure to get rid of them.




Although Alcohol can irritate the skin when used too often, the idea is to not make a habit of using it regularly but in the event that you run out of your deodorant, you can simply apply some alcohol on your armpits. This helps take out the microorganisms which cause an awful stench in that part of the body, reasons to which Alcohol is mostly found as one of the ingredients of the majority of deodorant we buy.




If you are looking to avoid the various dangerous chemicals available in most of the regular nail polish removers that can be harmful to the nails, look no further as Alcohol is a better option. Using alcohol as a substitute might waste a little time in removing the polish but it will surely not cause any harm to your nails.




A better option to cleaning the ears is to drop a cotton swab absorbed in a mixture of some white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in the ear, do this and the earwax will get attached to the cotton swab thereby cleaning the ear instead of the regular way of using just cotton buds to push in the earwax even further into the ear.




Alcohol to the rescue if you are having any trouble with lice in your hair. Alcohol mixed with a couple of drops of lavender oil is a perfect combination for this cause. Do this Using a spray bottle with the solution in it, spray on the affected part of the hair while you continuously brush out the flakes of dead lice out of the hair.




You can make a DIY hand sanitizer right in your house making use of Alcohol. Set up your own hand sanitizer making use of rubbing alcohol with a couple of drops of tea tree oil, 4 ounces of Aloe Vera gel, and a ½ tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol, you will be amazed how good these combinations work to sanitize your hand.



To make your skin smooth and get rid of irritation after shaving apply some Alcohol as it helps eliminate ingrown hair especially at delicate areas like the armpits and bikini areas, and beard. It can also help reduce the appearance of bruises and redness caused after shaving.




You can make use of Alcohol when cleaning those parts of the house with glass, this will make cleaning these parts less stressful and fast, just spray and wipe. Also, with some rubbing alcohol sprayed on your eyeglasses wiped with a clean towel you are sure to get neat eyeglasses.



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