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Surprising Potato Juice Benefits and Uses for Skin and Health


You might want to go the natural way to brighten up your skin especially if you have tried going the chemical way and it failed you. No need to wonder why most of all these brighten creams\soap won’t work and the few that do damages the skin instantly or gradually. Our body could require us to lighten it up a bit to get rid of dead skin cells, bacteria, blemishes, sunburn or you just might simply want a clear and even skin tone. Let’s consider some Homemade remedies that are easy and beneficial in protecting the skin against dullness and unhealthiness while at the same time helping to save money from buying tons of dangerous cosmetic products that can endanger the body.



Using Potato juice as a mild bleaching agent shouldn’t come in as new because Potato can help get rid of dead skin cells. It further has antioxidant properties as it is high in Vitamin C. This juice is good for all skin type although it might come off as being dry on the skin after it must have been applied and rinse it out. If your skin gets dry after this don’t worry you will be good with the application of a moisturizer.



  • Get a medium-size washed potato.
  • Cut the potato into slices after it must have been peeled.
  • You can likewise grind the potato and squeeze out the juice.
  •  Making sure that the juice is spread over your skin, rub the potato on the skin.
  • Apply it with the assistance of a cotton pad( if the potato juice was squeezed out).
  • Let it on for about 15minutes then rinse off with water.


You can do this 3Times in a week for the best result.




This mask is suitable for normal and oily skin types, you can try it also if you have dry skin but make sure to use a skin moisturizer after application. From lemon and grapefruit, the citrus extract found in these fruits can help to washes out and lighten up the skin. By acting as a characteristic bleaching agent, they work in ways to tighten the pores and lighten the skin. With the combination of these juice and egg white, you are on the road to skin lightening as the proteins in egg white are found to have antibacterial properties that can help shield the skin from outside contaminations.



What’s Needed

  • 1 teaspoon grapefruit juice
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 teaspoons of fat-free sour



  • Extract the egg white of a medium size egg and place it in a bowl.
  •  Beat the egg white until it is fluffy.
  • In another bowl add sour cream to the juice gotten from both lemon and grapefruit.
  • At this stage, add and mix thoroughly all the solutions( the fluffy egg white, sour cream, and juice from lemon and grapefruit, according to measurement).
  • Apply the mask on the skin and let it absorb for about 15 minutes.
  • Washout with warm water.

Do this 3Time a week till you get the desired result.




This method is good for all skin types but you need to be cautious as milk can intensify the condition in certain individuals that are prone to skin breakout. Milk sustains the skin naturally by making it sparkle, soft, and gradually lightened. Regular massage with milk, including a couple of tablespoons of honey or the juice of one lemon can help brighten and glow up the skin.



  • Making use of raw milk, apply the milk (optionally adding honey or lemon juice) on your skin for a couple of minutes, let’s say 5minute.
  • Massage the skin tenderly in a circular motion.
  • Washout your skin with water after this.


You can this 2Times a week before bed till you get your desired result.








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