Pineapple and Pregnancy: Is It Safe to Eat ?


The pregnancy journey is a sweet and tender one. Lots of Dos and Don’t come along with it. You have a little one in there and you just want everything to go right so you seek and get advice on what to do, how to do, and most importantly what to eat, how much to eat, and more. You get a lot of advice about eating fruits and vegetables, even your doctor will recommend them for you because they are very much needed in this journey, not just for you but for the sake of your baby. One fruit that has always got pregnant women in the question of ” should I eat it ?” is Pineapple. Pineapple is a good fruit with lots of nutrients but there are some misconceptions about this fruit, it is said to induce labor which is not so true if taken in the right manner.




Including a cup or two of pineapples, won’t pose any harm, It won’t let you have a miscarriage or cause you to bleed, instead it will provide for you the nutritional benefits like iron, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), folate, manganese, copper, magnesium, and a pregnant woman’s daily recommended intake of vitamin C needed for both you and your little one. Although Pineapple is mostly avoided by pregnant women because it contains an enzyme known as bromelain which when present in the body in high amounts, might lead to early labor, You should only do away with eating pineapples during the first trimester. During the subsequent trimester, you can eat up to 100gms of pineapple weekly and In the third trimester, you can eat at most 250gms of pineapple daily. Know that It is best to check with your doctor the portion of pineapples you can securely eat to avoid any risk of danger to you and your baby as the body reacts in a different manner, and eating too much of Pineapple can lead to uterine contractions and bleeding.





It Protects The Baby’s Developing Heart

  • Copper in pineapple is essential during the development of your infant’s heart and adequate intake of Pineapple will take care of this.


It Controls the Proper Functioning of the Nervous System

  • Pineapples are rich sources of vitamin B1 known as thiamine, which manages the proper functioning of the heart and the nervous system.


Improve Your Mood

  • Studies show that Pineapple, when consumed in the right portion, can improve the mood when pregnant.


Promote Production of the Red Blood Cells

  • Vitamin B6 present in Pineapple provides antibodies and calms morning sickness in pregnant women. Also, it helps to increase the generation of red blood cells, along the line preventing anemia.


Will Boost Immunity

  • The nutrients available in Pineapple can prevent cell damage and boost immunity. Pineapples are rich in vitamin C. You can get up to 85 mg of Vitamin C in just a cup of Pineapple, which is the recommended daily requirement for pregnant women. Vitamin C additionally helps the creation of collagen which is needed for the development of the child’s skin, bones, and cartilages.


Lower the Blood Pressure

  • The proper consumption of Pineapple during pregnancy can reduce blood pressure.


Reduce Water Retention In The Body

  • The veins in the leg of a pregnant woman can twist and get swollen, causing so much pain. This is called varicose veins, Bromelain present in Pineapple is said to lessen the creation of fibrous stores on these veins and ease discomfort.


Ease Pressure In Your Bowel

  • Proper consumption of pineapple during pregnancy can ease off the Pressure on Your Bowels.


Avoid Congenital Disabilities

  • There are lots of hereditary disabilities that can be prevented if Pineapple is taken in the right manner during pregnancy.


Healthy Gut

  • The right consumption of pineapple will help Keep the stomach Healthy.


Bones Healthy

  • Pineapple contains manganese which improves bone health and avoids the danger of developing osteoporosis.





Increment In Body Weight

  • Pineapples are not recommended for overweight pregnant women because they have high-calorie content which will subsequently add to their weight. 


Will Cause Diarrhea

  • Bromelain present in Pineapple can cause stomach upset resulting in diarrhea whenever it is consumed in high amounts.


Premature Labor Or Miscarriage

  • When Bromelain is too much in the body, it may cause the cervix to become soften thereby leading to early labor or miscarriage. Too much Pineapple consumption during pregnancy can make the uterine contract, trigger vomiting and outbreak of rashes especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.


Causes Acid Reflux

  • If you have a sensitive stomach, it is ideal to stay away from Pineapple as it contains acids that can add to indigestion and heartburn.


Increases Blood Sugar

  • Also, women with gestational diabetes should stay away from Pineapples as it contains a great deal of sugar.


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