Immune-Boosting Foods: Ginger, Mushrooms & More


The cold season is not an optional season, meaning it is not the season we can choose to skip if we want as we all have to live through it, whether we like it or not. This particular period of the year makes us vulnerable to Flu and some other minor ill-health that comes with it. Although we are prone to get caught up in the weather, there is a way out of this issue of cold as we can ease off the discomfort that comes with the season by eating some right food that can help stabilize our health and give us the healthy comfort that is needed by our body.

Eating specific foods like the ones listed below will help curb the uneasiness of the body caused by the seasonal cold period.



Edible mushrooms when cooked well, add some nourishing advantages to the body, it also gives a scope of fundamental supplements and minerals like proteins, Vitamin C, iron, potassium copper, and phosphorous. Mushrooms with its antiviral and antibacterial properties from nutrients like selenium and niacin serve as an antioxidant agent that helps to battle bacteria like flu and they are an incredible wellspring of vitamin D which is essentially needed to boost the body immunity.



whether you are making it a ginger soup or just taking it as a homemade ginger juice, know that ginger has a high antioxidant property that is hostile to bacterial, it fights against viral infections by calming the body system. These are the reasons you should make it an option to consider by adding it to your food routine during the cold and winter period especially.

The Red Bell Peppers


This particular kind of pepper contains more than multiple times the Vitamin C of citrus fruits and are unquestionably serving more immunity-boosting benefit needed by the body to fight off cold. An extensive amount of concentrated vitamin C can be found in the red bell peppers because they contain phytochemicals and carotenoids especially beta-carotene essential for preventing inflammation which also has antioxidant properties.



According to research, it was discovered that almond skins enhance the capacity of the white blood cells to identify infections and increase the body’s ability to keep infections from spreading. Eating a little bunch of almonds will give you half of your day to day Vitamin E. Our body needs vitamin E as it is an amazing enemy of oxidant that will assist your body with fighting disease and avoid undesirable sickness.



Garlic is a ground-breaking antiviral and antibacterial organic food. It contains antioxidant properties that help battle the contamination of bacteria and viruses. It works by expanding the rate at which the body fights off cold and flu thereby being a catalyst to the production of the necessary cells that fight off harm.

Consumption of Essential supplements like Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D


Most of our green vegetables and foods like nuts, eggs, soy milk, cheese, meat, spinach, kale, legume, and broccoli are rich in these basic and natural supplements that can chase off cold. Including zinc, selenium, and Vitamin D to your daily eating routine will help one’s vulnerability to cold and winter sickness.



Turmeric is observed to battle infection and irritation by averting harm caused by free radicals from smoking and from poisonous or toxins that can harm cells for example bacteria from flu. We can say it is one of the standouts amongst the best wholesome antioxidant in this present day, having gigantic real advantages for the body and immune system and should be consumed regularly.

Oats meal


Oats are a delicious meal that contains selenium and zinc which help the battle infection. According to research, oats appear as more grounded than Echinacea as it contains beta-glucan which acts as a weapon in fighting off diseases, bacterial and viral infection by boosting the immune system. 

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