5 Natural Ways to Detoxify the Body



 Detoxification is a way of removing toxins from the body system by purging it off harmful toxins that might have negative effects on one’s wellbeing. When it comes to toxins, some of them are produced from inside of the body’s internal organs or through exposure to certain harmful substances that get into the body either from our environment, things we eat and much more. Although the whole body system needs to be detoxified once in a while, there are five (5) major organs in the human body that needs thorough detoxification.


  • The stomach
  • The liver
  • The kidney
  • The blood
  • The cells



Ways to Detoxify
There are lots of ways to detoxify, either medically with the prescriptions of some supplement or naturally with home remedies.
 Here we shall look into 5 Natural ways to detoxify the body.
  • Consume some probiotics: Probiotics are helpful bacteria that are beneficial in keeping the gut healthy. The stomach is the primary line with regards to the assimilation of nutrient, with the consumption probiotics like pickles and yogurt the guts is set to be detoxified.


  • Try detoxifying teas: In order to get the liver detoxified, you can try taking detox teas. There are lots of easy to get detoxifying teas made of ginger, garlic, turmeric and more. You can take any of these teas at night, before going to bed.


  • Drink clean water: Take a chance at increasing your hydration level, staying hydrated is as important, as it takes fluid to flush out those toxins not needed by the body. Drink a lot of clean water, it helps in many aspects of staying healthy especially flushing out toxins in the kidney.


  • Detoxify with lemon and water: Before you eat or drink anything in the morning, try a mixture of lemon juice and water. This will set you up for the day, eliminating the harmful bacteria in the body. 


  • Go green on organic veggies: Healthy vegetables like, spinach, celery and cilantro have beneficial nutrients, chlorophyll and a lot of fiber, which washes the blood off toxins and is also helpful for the liver as well.




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